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IP Colloquium: Podcasting on Derivative Work, Copyright Termination, and First Sale Doctrine

UCLA Law School’s Prof. Doug Lichtman’s IP Colloquium project offers several interesting podcasts about IP and technology.  Of use to samplists and purveyors of derivative culture are thought-provoking discussions of Derivative Work, Copyright Termination, and First Sale Doctrine.  The podcasts are updated every 2-3 months and attorneys in some jurisdictions can even receive CLE credit.  After downloading podcasts, be sure to check out the “Suggested Reading” (typically a few important decisions) that go along with each episode.


Say What Now? (Taiwan Edition)

From the world of irony, we bring you this story: a Taiwanese man who won a poster design competition to promote copyright protection has been stripped of his $1500 prize after he was exposed as a copycat.

The man, identified only by his surname Wu, admitted his winning design was copied from a work by Dutch artist Dennis Sibeijn featuring a paper plane and, ironically, titled Truth, officials said yesterday.

How did this case come to light? A subway rider in Taipei, who had been to Holland recently and seen Sibeijn’s poster, spotted the similarity of the designs. The Taiwan poster was posted in all the metropolitican subways this summer to warn the public about copyright theft.

Theft! A History of Music (The Comic Book)

They’re back. The Duke Law trio (James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins & Keith Aoki) who brought you Bound By Law (the comic book about Fair Use) will soon publish Theft! A History of Music, a comic book about IP and music.

Here is a great video of Jenkins talking about the project.