Music and The Brain

A few years ago I was interviewed about sampling by WNYC’s Jad Abumrad for his amazing radio show Radiolab. (For those unfamiliar with Radiolab, do yourselves a huge favor and check it out immediately. It’s sort of like Bill Nye the Science Guy for hep adults and always an incredible sonic experience.) Although the show about sampling never aired, Jad, a musician himself, devoted an hour to exploring “Musical Language“. It’s a fascinating examination of what music is and how it works. It had a profound affect on me as a musician. If you only listen to one episode of Radiolab, listen to that one.

It was through Radiolab that I discovered Oliver Sacks, a prolific writer and neuroscientist. His recent book “Musicophilia” is the subject of a new PBS documentary airing this week. NOVA Musical Minds looks to be as engaging and interesting as the book. I strongly urge you to check it out.


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